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High Quality On-The-Go Water Essential In Your Hands.

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hear from our returning customers!

My son gifted me my bottle. He has been using one for some time and was impressed by how much better he felt. I’m finding out that I’m feeling better now that I’m using mine. Who knew!

Excellent acquisition. The water is much lighter and I feel much more hydrated. Energy levels increased, metabolism accelerated and, among other things, helped in weight loss.

The health benefits were almost instantaneous. I slept better, had more energy and old pains in my body were healed.



All Hydrop™ products are backed with a 1 year warranty, a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping! We also offer a 5 year warranty for $10!

Hydrop™ orders are fulfilled and then shipped to anywhere in the united states in an average 8-13 days.

Other than pure water you can use spring, mineral, distilled, or tap water with your Hydrop Bottle. The Hydrop Bottle delivers hydrogen-rich water anywhere, anytime, from any source.

The Hydrop bottle offers the convenience of generating hydrogen-rich water on the go, ensuring access to its potential health benefits wherever you are. This portable solution not only provides hydration but also boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue, making it ideal for busy lifestyles and active individuals. Whether at work, during travel, or at the gym, having a hydrogen water bottle handy can support improved energy levels, aiding in faster recovery and overall well-being.

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30 day free returns